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Muller pneus fits and balances your tyres and wheels on cars, vans, 4x4s and SUVs; the service is carried out exclusively by our own trained tyre fitters.

Muller pneus will carry out all tyre repairs as long as Muller pneus can guarantee that the area of the tyre that has been repaired is at least as strong and safe as the remaining part of the tyre. Your safety depends on our tyre repair.

If you store your summer or winter wheels in our Wheel storage, we offer a top quality wheel wash for an additional charge. We wash all wheels by hand, since only a human eye recognizes all dirt.

We provide the option of a 100% compatible tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for all cars, vans, 4x4s and SUVs, which programs, activates and also calibrates. Only trained personnel.

Not just to save space in your garage, but also to spare your car from unnecessary dirt and you from tedious loading and unloading of your wheels and tyres, we offer you the opportunity to store your wheels or tyres in our Wheel storage.

Another important benefit for you is that we check all the tyres we store for damage such as punctures, and for tread depth. So we can let you know early if your tyres need replacing.

For the selection of the suitable tyres, rims and TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) our salesmen are pleased to be available for you as well in the garages of Muller Pneus as by phone or by mail. The right choice of your tires, rims, wheel bolts, valves and also TPMS is decisive for your security! You can find rims and tyres for a low price in our stores.