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Mounting of the tyres,
balancing, valve and demounting of the wheel included

Tire mounting including balancing and wheel mounting "standard"
17,50 € per tire (Price inc. tax)
Run-on-Flat or tire width from 235
19,50 € per tire (Price inc. tax)

We fit tyres for all types of cans, vans, 4x4s and SUVs.
There are no tyres/rims for these vehicles that we cannot fit!
We see each rim as a jewel, and treat it with the utmost care.
Our tyre fitters undergo extensive training, and must abide by strict fitting rules. Only by doing so can we guarantee maximum safety for you.
The price of tyre fitting includes balancing the wheels, changing the wheels, and renewing the valve.


For all new tyres not purchased from Muller pneus, we charge a fitting surcharge of 50% (Ex.: Standard tire mounting = €17,50 + €8,75 (50% surcharge) = €26,25 per tire

Wheel change,
balancing and air pressure check included

Wheel change including balancing and air pressure check
9,50 € per wheel (Price inc. tax)

Simply changing a wheel is not enough!

To avoid irritating vibrations in the steering wheel, we recommend rebalancing the wheels every time you have them changed (changing from summer tyres to winter and back).

Check tyre pressure
Tyre pressure is important for your safety and the lifespan of the tyres. Since each tyre loses air over time, we think it is imperative to adjust the air pressure to the ideal value at every wheel change.

Too-tight wheel bolts can lead to overstretched bolts and deformed rims. Too-loose wheel bolts can even cause the wheels to fall off when driving - with fatal consequences.

BAll Muller pneus wheel bolts are tightened to a specified torque!


Wheel hub cleaning
Cleaning of the wheel hubs
2,75 € by hub

Muller Pneus offers to regularly clean the wheel hubs and lubricate them with Teflon paste:

  1. This reduces by 70% the risk that a wheel will come loose even though the wheel bolts are correctly tightened.
  2. Rust between the rim and the hub leads to unpleasant vibrations. A clean surface is the solution of a quiet concentricity of the wheels.
  3. A rusty contact surface without Teflon grease causes the wheels to stick to the hub. In the garage, that's not a problem. This can lead to flat tire on the street.

Storage (1 season)

38,00 € per set / per season (Price inc. tax)

We store all wheels ourselves with the utmost care. For wheel sets, we place protective rim mats between each wheel to protect your rims. This is the only way to ensure that the upper wheel does not damage the lower wheel during transport and storage.

This service does not just offer the advantage of saving you space in your garage: it also prevents your car from being dirtied unnecessarily, and from you having to take the wheels in and out.

While being stored in our wheels hotel, your wheels will be checked again for tread depth and damage to ensure a quick change when the season comes.


Washing of the wheels
(only in combination with storage)

Steel rim
3,50 € per wheel (Price inc. tax)
Alloy rim
4,75 € per wheel (Price inc. tax)

If you do not thoroughly clean a rim for years, dirt can become permanently imprinted.

This is why we recommend that both aluminium and steel rims be thoroughly cleaned on an annual basis.

We wash all wheels by hand, since only a human eye can detect every speck of dirt.


Tire repairing

Tire repairing
19,50 € per tire + mounting of the tire (Price inc. tax)

Muller pneus will carry out all tyre repairs on cars, vans, 4x4s and SUVs as long as we can guarantee that the area of the tyre that has been repaired is at least as strong and safe as the remaining part of the tyre. Your safety depends on our tyre repair.

„ROF“ tires can’t be repaired because the safety could not be guaranteed.
Reparations on „Seal“ tires are very complex. That’s why we charge them with 58€ per tire.

Reparatur 1
Reparatur 2

Reparatur 3
Reparatur 4


Programming of a TPMS sensor

(Included in the price of a new sensor)
Required only once.
20,00€ per Sensor (Price inc. tax)
Activation of 4 new preprogrammed sensors with a computer

(Included in the price of a new sensor)
Not necessary for every car, but if so, then on every wheel change.
25,00 € per Car (Price inc. tax)
Calibration of 4 new preprogrammed sensors

(Included in the price of a new sensor)
Not necessary for every car, but if so, then on every wheel change.
25,00 € per Car (Price inc. tax)

We have only managed to comprehensively equip every vehicle with TMPS equipment, and program, activate, and calibrate this, after many training sessions with manufacturers and the purchase of an array of programming devices and many different types of sensor.


Tire disposal
scrap passenger tyre
2,75 € per tire
Environmental protection is very important to us. Therefore, we dispose of our tires only at certified companies.