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Mounting of the tyres,
balancing, valve and demounting of the wheel included

Tyre mounting including balancing, valve replacement and wheel mounting
19,50 € per tyre (Price inc. tax)
We mount the tyres of all types of cars, vans, 4x4 and SUV.
There are no tyres / rims on these vehicles that we cannot fit!
Every rim is a piece of jewelery for us and we treat it with the utmost care.
Our tire fitters go through extensive training and have to adhere to strict mounting rules. This is the only way we can guarantee to do the maximum for your safety.
The price of tyre fitting includes wheel balancing, changing the wheel and retightening the wheel bolts with the torque wrench.
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Wheel change,
balancing and air pressure check included

Wheel change including balancing and air pressure check
13,75 € per wheel (Price inc. tax)
Changing the wheel alone is not enough!
In order to avoid annoying vibrations in the steering wheel, we recommend balancing the wheels every time you change a wheel (summer tyres and winter tyres).
Check tyres pressure
The tyre pressure is important for your safety and the mileage of the tyres. Since every tyre loses air over time, we see it as urgently necessary to adjust the air pressure to the target value every time a wheel is changed.
Too tightly tightened wheel bolts can result in overstretched bolts and deformed rims. Wheel bolts that are too loosely tightened can even cause the wheels to loosen while driving, which can have fatal consequences.
At Muller pneus all wheel bolts are tightened with torque!
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Wheel hub cleaning

Cleaning of the wheel hubs
2,75 € by hub (Price inc. tax)

Muller Pneus recommends cleaning the wheel hubs regularly and greasing them with Teflon paste:

  1. This reduces the risk of a wheel loosening by 70% even though the wheel bolts are correctly tightened.
  2. Rust between the rim and the hub leads to unpleasant vibrations. A clean surface is essential for smooth running of the wheel rims
  3. A rusty contact surface without Teflon grease leads to the wheels sticking to the hub. In our workshop this is not a problem. This can lead to a flat tyre on the street.

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Storage (1 season)

38,00 € per set / per season (Price inc. tax)
We store all wheels with us with the utmost care. In the case of complete wheels, we place rim protection mats between each wheel to protect your rims. This is the only way to prevent the upper wheel from damaging the lower wheel during transport and storage.
This service not only offers you the advantage of saving space in your garage, but also avoids unnecessary soiling of your car as well as loading and unloading your wheels.
During storage in our wheel hotel, your wheels will be checked again for residual tread depth and damage in order to ensure quick action during seasonal work.
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Washing of the wheels
(only in combination with storage)

Wheel laundering
4,75 € per wheel (Price inc. tax)
If a rim is not thoroughly cleaned for years, the dirt can burn in permanently.
That is why we recommend an annual thorough cleaning of aluminum rims as well as steel rims.
We wash environmentally friendly and paint-friendly with ultrasound without chemicals.
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Tyre repairing

Tyre repairing
19,50 € per tyre + mounting of the tyre (Price inc. tax)
Muller pneus carries out all permitted tire repairs on cars, delivery vans, 4x4 and SUV tyres.
We can repair any tyre if the damage is less than 5mm and the foreign body has penetrated the tyre's tread at a right angle. Tyre repairs on the sidewall, run-flat (ROF) tyres and motorcycle tyres are unfortunately not permitted.
Since we carry out the tyre repairs professionally inside the tyre, we have to dismantle the tyre for repair.
The area on the tyre that we repair is then more resilient and safer than the rest of the tyre. Your safety is important to us!
With "Continental Seal tyres" (very rare), tyre repairs are very time-consuming. Because of this, we charge this at € 58 per tyre.
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Your on-board computer shows you how much tyre pressure you have?
For example, when buying winter wheels (tyres + rims) you also need tyre pressure sensors (TPMS). Programming or coordination with your vehicle is included in the price.
65,00€ per Sensor (Price inc. tax)
Activate or calibrate TPMS
With different vehicle types, we have to reactivate or recalibrate all 4 pre-programmed sensors with our TPMS computer every time a wheel is changed. Very few vehicles require this service.
25,00€ per set (Price inc. tax)

We have only managed to comprehensively equip every vehicle with TMPS equipment, and program, activate, and calibrate this, after many training sessions with manufacturers and the purchase of an array of programming devices and many different types of sensor.

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Tyre disposal

Tyre disposal Car, SUV, Light Truck, 4x4
3,75 € per tyre (Price inc. tax)
We only dispose of our tyres to certified partners for whom sustainable disposal is just as important as we are.